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Friends, allies, and collaborators:

In the four years since starting up my independence design practice, we’ve co-designed projects that have led to tangible social justice wins like passing legislation for equity in First Nations education and providing independent accountability mechanisms to protect the rights of Mexican migrant workers.

But we’ve also worked on changes that are harder to measure, such as organizing regular open studio sessions for conscious creatives in Toronto and using the design process to infuse social justice principles of creativity into community arts programs in Detroit.

These collaborations have shown me what a powerful tool we have at our disposal — if design is a process of intentional dreaming, then co-design is how we realize a community’s social imagination.

So today I’m excited to announce my new co-design studio/laboratory for social justice: And Also Too. Working under this name rather than my own will better reflect the collaborative and kaleidoscopic ways in which we assemble to explore, create, and iterate on solutions to the challenges our communities face.

In the new year, I’ll be launching a website with information about projects already underway, some of them client-initiated, others studio-initiated. In the meantime, please enjoy this little preview by myself and Aylwin Lo, because who doesn’t love a looping animated gif? If you can’t see it or it isn’t moving, check it out at


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